Coloured Labels

Coloured Paper Labels On A4 Sheets For Laser & Inkjet – Red, Green, Blue & Yellow

Coloured Paper Labels With a Permanent Adhesive in 4 Different Colours – Green, Blue, Red and Yellow labels. Our coloured sticky labels are supplied on A4 sheets and are suitable for laser and inkjet printing, or writing on by hand. Coloured labels can be used as eye-catching retail product labels, shop labels, school labels, coloured address labels and much more.

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Key Facts – Coloured Paper Labels  – C:

Material: Coloured Paper in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
Printer Compatibility: Inkjet and Laser Printers
Adhesive: Permanent
Waterproof: No

Our coloured labels are on A4 sheets that have been coated with colour and have a permanent adhesive.

What Can Coloured Labels Be Used For?

We offer a range of coloured rectangular and round labels on A4 sheets with a permanent adhesive in Red, Blue, Green or Yellow. A4 sheets of coloured labels are suitable for arts and crafts, price tags, promotions, colour coding items, highlighting important information, decorating envelopes, parcels and documents, plus company branding. Our brightly coloured labels are ideal for a variety of purposes and can be used for anything from labelling food jars to creating filing systems, plus they are ideal for using in schools and nurseries.

Coloured labels can be used to colour-code shelving, stock items, food containers and more. They are often used in schools, nurseries, children’s clubs, colleges, warehouses, shops, retail, cafes and restaurants.  They are used within the restaurant industry as day labels for food products. They are ideal for use when mailing out items to draw attention to special instructions – e.g. Heavy, Handle With Care, Fragile, etc.

Our coloured labels have a myriad of uses in the home or business, including:

Colour Coding – Filing Systems

Using labels for colour coding is an ideal way to arrange documents, items and food products for easy classification and identification. For businesses, these labels are useful for colour coding projects, separating documents or drawing attanetion to retail products in stores. They could also be used to separate invoices, receipts, bank statements, VAT returns and other important documents.

Arts & Crafts

Coloured labels on sheets can also be used for home or school arts and crafts projects. They come in 4 different vibrant colours which makes them ideal for this purpose.

Food & Drink – Containers & Bottles

If you need a colourful and eye-catching way to label your stock items, then these labels are perfect for your needs. Businesses can use them to track stock in shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. It’s important to track stock for use-by dates, sales, and potentially for allergy information. Ensure you make this information as prominent as possible with our colourful A4 labels in rectangular, square, round and oval shapes.

Stickers & Notes

Coloured labels can be used as stickers for important notes and reminders, whether that be for home use or for use in the office. Sometimes a client will call you, and there’s a need to note down a number or important bit of information, and these labels are great for that purpose.

Product Information & Pricing

Our colourful labels can be used for general pricing labels or for information about products. This could be to highlight the size, material, product range or for printing barcodes for easy scanning at store checkout.

How Can You Print on Coloured Labels?

You can easily print information on coloured labels by using both laser or inkjet printers, or you can simply hand write on the labels by hand. We also have a number of free label templates that you can download to help you with positioning the text within the labels.

This material is designed for use inkjet & laser printers & dry toner copiers. The surface of the material gives a good toner bond & print resolution. The product is well suited to label applications involving address & inventory office use.